1) Healing Journal Prompt:
Have you allowed yourself to feel your emotions and discover the memories that keep you from breaking through? Emotional intelligence comes from learning to not judge your emotions, but to accept them as data. This journaling workshop comes with a workbook and allows you to personally address unacknowledged trauma.

2) Mindful Eating:
Do you emotionally eat? Do you make a meal the most nutritional experience for your body? Eating alkalizing foods can make each meal count towards a stronger next evolution of your body. Food is medicine, so you learn to reduce acid and inflammation, and conquer your emotional-physical cravings.

3) How Meditation Saved My Life:
Learn a methodology that allows you to experience the three pillars of human behavior. You can be a person of faith. You will learn inner resources to observe the three pillars of human behavior. Join me to learn how to listen to the sacred, breathe and meditate.

4) Social Change takes a Systemic Response:
Understand White Supremacy to be part of the positive systemic response. Learn the three pillars of White Supremacy to understand the logic that has informed societal systems.   How does discrimination get institutionalized? This workshops draw parallels between history with the current racial hierarchy we find ourselves in. Systemic oppression needs a systemic response.

5) Strategic Advocacy Plans:
Understand the systems, how to navigate and learn the best practices of advocating. Learn how to integrate storytelling, build capacity of those most impacted and utilize your social capital for policy reform. Learn how to do strategic mapping to get the best results for social good.

.6) Customized Workshop
Need to move the needle forward for social change while also giving your team self-care and healing tips? Let’s speak so we can create something perfect for your team.

Please schedule a call with me to discuss my workshop courses.

“I participated in the workshop and received awesome direction and guidance with exercises. Ms. Annabel Quintero was attentive to truly understand and identify the pattern in my story. She has a great spirit.

I encourage each person to attend her next workshop. It is highly recommended and suggested. Great content, positive energy, and most importantly, a personable coach to assist you.”

— Ryan