Translating Life Experiences for the Growth of your Mind,
Strength of Body & Agility of your Emotions.

My stories encourage and empower people to embrace the healing process, shatter self-limiting myths, and bring your amazing biographies to life.

1) Inspirational Keynote:
Book a 20-minute consultation to customize stories of running for office, overcoming the need to blend in, surviving September 11th, or how meditation saved my life.

2) Podcast/Radio Interview:
Book a 20-minute consultation to discuss your audience, speak of what they need, and your desired impact so your show continues to inspire.

3) Panelist:
Need a Native Latina perspective on: the emotional agility needed to break limiting patterns; learning how to go from prayer to meditating; the perspective of a September 11th survivor on the calling of our humanity; or Latino identity and how White Supremacy impacts our community?

Please schedule a call with me to further discuss my speaking services.

β€œIt’s not often on conversation one that you receive as much insight as I did about the state of the human race.

This woman is a strong leader and I am glad to know her. Follow closely and glean from this garden.”

β€” Derrick