Storytelling as Your Brand Promise

Weekday Luncheon – 6 week program

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Annabel teaches me how to focus, find balance, relax areas that are tense, and learn about my audience from a new perspective.


It’s not often on conversation one that you receive as much insight as I did about the state of the human race. This woman is a strong leader and I am glad to know her. Follow closely and glean from this garden.

How do they feel?

>>    They feel relieved knowing that their personal stories are highlights, not stigmas to hide. 

>>    Their brand promise is embodied by their story and audiences remember their brand.

>>    They can story-tell past painful memories and share them in public to support their life’s work.

>>    They are no longer alone on the journey while preparing for these big opportunities.  They get to be together in a safe space, and collaborate with other leaders while bringing their message to the world. 

Why is storytelling so important?

Leaders are usually not rewarded when we are sharing moments of being the student. Leaders have direction, are clear on their objective and storytelling is not viewed as a key part of successful executive presence.  When we embrace our humanity and share it with audiences we are able to share the growth of our journey so the audience can understand our BIG WHY.



My 6-week course takes you on a journey to understand the power of connection, the growth of your executive presence and helps your audience choose you and your brand. 


Learn the impact of your voice, your techniques and how to integrate it all into one cohesive message. 

>>  Understand why people will remember your story as part of your brand, more than your content.

>>  Build your emotional wellness as you select different personal stories and catalogue them for future use. 

>> Manage your time on stage and practice with your pitch with your presentation. 

>>    Prepare to be in a safe space with other leaders

>>    Know who you are, the power of your voice and how you are going to help the people you are serving.


Why is this the best option

Embody the full picture of who you are in your executive presence. When your stats, content and story align, you are fulfilling your brand promise.

Why should I trust you

I have prepared community leaders for public testimony for over 6 years, was a 2018 candidate for WA State Senate seat, have spoken on over 100 stages and am a Speaker Advocate Coach for the Transformational Leader, Lisa Nichols. 

How will I feel when I complete my presentation

Relieved to know that you are being your complete authentic self. Because of practicing techniques you will feel confident to vulnerably share your personal stories with your call to action.  

What will be the end result

A powerful presentation that aligns with your product, your authentic self as a leader, and mesmerizes your audiences.

Why this is for you

You are ready to raise the bar on your executive presence. You want your presentations to be unforgettable filled with your personal stories, new techniques that captures the hearts and minds of your audience. You would like to be invited again, and want the audience to remember your brand promise. Your storytelling becomes an imperative passion and calls people to work with you and your brand.

The Results

What is included in the Storytelling as a Spiritual Practice

Take a peek inside..

The Healing Power of 3

Module 1

The Human Triad - Let’s learn about ourselves as we move so we have tools to carry us forward. The Power of Breathe

Module 2

Storytelling through Journaling, Learn techniques to integrate your personal story into your sacred safe spaces.

Module 3

Integrate storytelling during cermonial, rites of passage or somatic healing sessions.

Module 1

The Human Triad – Let’s learn about ourselves as we move so we have tools to carry us forward.
The Power of Breathe

Module 2

Storytelling through Journaling and practice in a safe sacred container.

Module 3

Learn to integrate storytelling and spiritual text within your sermon, ceremony or rite of passage.

In the three phases of the course, I teach people what the Human Triad is, the three pillars of human behavior.  The three pillars of storytelling and how the process itself is a spiritual practice. This class is for reverends, healers, and medicine women. They will work on the wellness journal throughout the course to work through emotional energies around stories and build their ability to observe the stories around each emotion. Being emotionally flexible and learning to be emotionally intelligent through stories allows each facilitator to carry the power of the story and the healing of their groups.


Is this space only for women?

The Storytelling as a Spiritual Practice is a femme centered space for those who identify as women and non-binary folks. The Storytelling for your brand promise, is an executive program for all genders.

Is this space only for women?

The Storytelling as a Spiritual Practice is only for women. The Storytelling for your brand promise, is an executive program for all genders.

Is this a trauma-informed space?


Can I make payments in installments?

Yes with auto-pay

When will classes be?

Usually on Saturday or Sunday morning Pacific time


My name is Annabel Quintero

I am a certified wellness coach, a Speaker Advocate Coach for Lisa Nichols, I hold a Master’s in Education Policy and Leadership, a certification in Holistic Health coach and am a Best-selling author.

My purpose is to help you grow personally for the betterment of our collective experience.

I know how hard it is to break from the norm, and pursue your dreams or pursue a whole new spiritual path that isn’t clearly defined as it was in your childhood. I share my story in step step jump, a book of how I escaped the 46th floor of the One World Trade Center on September 11th.

I know how hard it is to overcome life shattering events and to confront your humanity and ask yourself who do you want to be with the time you have on earth.

In my silence for almost 20 years, I understand when people under-estimate you, when they think you have it easy because of the happiness you choose to have, and how the wisdom of our pain is what makes us these strong creative leaders in our communities.

I teach storytelling in three areas: spiritual, political and financial realms. I know firsthand the power of silence, how it can serve you and also stop your growth.  These three areas of life, have been a consistent force in my life. It was a way for me to make my way and rebuild myself in a world that had changed me forever.  Storytelling is universal, across all cultures, and spiritual faiths and paths.  We sometimes forget to honor oral tradition, and the impact our vibration and voice has in this world.  My purpose is to help you all integrate yourself more holistically with your services, whether you are an executive creating a pitch, or whether you are a spiritual leader or trying to become a policymaker or public servant.  

Our stories evolve healing and the wellness within contributes to our collective wellness. 

Remove the stigmas, work through the emotional and mental pain of your hidden stories and allow yourself to truly be seen in this world with the invaluable work you do.  Only you can heal yourself, and only you can impact others through story.

Remain resolved to thrive in this world and express your soul’s joy, and honor your birthright through storytelling.