Women of Color Redefining Wellness

Wednesday April 6th Noon PST – 1:30pm

6 week program

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Annabel teaches me how to focus, find balance, properly breathe, relax areas that are tense, and learn about my surroundings from a new perspective.


It’s not often on conversation one that you receive as much insight as I did about the state of the human race. This woman is a strong leader and I am glad to know her. Follow closely and glean from this garden.

How do they feel?

>>    They feel relieved knowing that their sensitivities, and emotional wounds are valid, and that their feelings was actually evolving the collective. They have been experiencing a grounded reality, and stand strong.

>>    They can story-tell past painful memories and share them in public to support their life’s work.

>>    That they are no longer alone learning about their own identity. They get to do together in a safe space, and get to identify how racism, sexism are perpetuated in our African-Indigenous-Latinx culture culture.

Why is this such a big problem

We as Women of Color are not monolithic, we have different religions, education levels, socio-economic levels and we all look so different. Being part of a multi-racial ethnic group is complex, and we need to do our own diversity work to better understand the structures of oppression that we collude with.



My 6-week course takes you on a journey to understand the past, and how we got to this present moment. Learn the impact of what Institutions did in Europe and then to the Western Hemisphere and the world. Learn to separate political and financial history from your own faith so you can identify the bias in our Latino/a/x culture.

>>    Understand why there is so much mystery behind who we really are as a people.

>>  Learn how the history and old mindsets perpetuate the harm because it informs the way we govern society.

>>    Stop feeling spiritually isolated like you have to choose between your families relationship with God and your own spirituality?

>>    Know who you are, the power you have and where your people came from.

>>    Because of this anti-racist work within the Latino/a/x community. You will have a concrete understanding of how patriarchy, racism, sexism and colonialism has occupied your life.

>>    You can create your own spiritual path and have the inner strength to reclaim your Indigenous and African ancestry.

>>    More financial, emotional, time benefits etc. 

You will understand how to reclaim the joy of our ancestors, use storytelling, dance and prayer as a foundation of your practice. Feeling connected to sacred source and having compassion for yourself and for your sisters as you reclaim what has been forgotten and embody cultural wellness.

Why is this the best option

Get the full picture of who we are and why we have so much to heal in terms of our intergenerational trauma.

Why should I trust you

I have done anti-racism work within multicultural communities for 7 years and am a certified holistic health coach. I have made it my life’s work to evolve my healing (acute, complex and intergenerational). 


I know how life altering events trigger our wounds, and allow us to revisit that which we have avoided and set aside. I know my purpose is to guide other women and femmes to do the same for themself.

How will I feel when the problem is solved

Relieved to know that so much of your inner truth was right all along. That we have power among ourselves and can build sustainable networks that support each other.

What will be the end result

Decolonizing your faith and definition of our multi-racial ethnic group.

Why this is for you

As a multi-racial ethnic group our history has been hidden and so much of the ways we engage with each other as women need healing.


We need to heal the mistrust amongst us, and understand the history and the old mindsets that informed our societal systems and our culture. We can be proud of our culture, and improve it by not colluding and engaging in hurtful, scarce ways.


It is time for Latinas and allies to have a foundational understanding of how we got here and choose a new way forward for a better future. Solidarity can only come with understanding and there is a huge piece of our African, Indigenous and Latino/a/x history that is not common knowledge.


This is our time for the people of the Western Hemisphere to take responsibility of our healing. That we examine the ways we treat ourselves and redefine cultural wellness for ourselves. We have the answers within us, but we must remove the veil that has been perpetuated. Harm to women, harm to those part of the pride community, harm to our black brothers and sisters, harm to our indigenous brothers and sisters, harm to us who are racially mixed, harm to our children, and most importantly harm to mother earth.

The Results

What is included in the program

Take a peek inside..

The Healing Power of 3

Module 1

The Human Triad - Let’s learn about ourselves as we move so we have tools to carry us forward. The Power of Breathe

Module 2

Storytelling through Journaling

Module 3

Dance / Somatic Movement

Module 1

The Human Triad – Let’s learn about ourselves as we move so we have tools to carry us forward.
The Power of Breathe

Module 2

Storytelling through Journaling

Module 3

Dance / Somatic Movement

In the module I teach people what the Human Triad is, the three pillars of human behavior.  For those who have difficulty being an immersive experience, I also have a Wellness Journey Journal. It allows you to situate yourself and observe the stories around emotions. Being emotionally flexible and learning to be emotionally intelligent by feeling emotions, understanding the stories we attach to them and then choosing how we want to respond.


Is this space only for women?


Is this a trauma-informed space?


Can I make payments in installments?

Yes with auto-pay

When will the bonus classes be?

Usually on Sunday morning Pacific time


My name is Annabel Quintero

I am a certified wellness coach and focus on helping you grow personally and culturally.


I am a Speaker Advocate Coach for Lisa Nichols, I hold a Master’s in Education Policy and Leadership, a certified Holistic Health coach and a best selling Amazon Author.


I know how hard it is to break from the norm, and pursue your dreams or pursue a whole new spiritual path that isn’t clearly defined as it was in your childhood. I share my story in step step jump, a book of how I escaped the 46th floor of the One World Trade Center on September 11th.


I know how hard it is to overcome life shattering events and to confront your humanity and ask yourself who do you want to be with the time you have on earth.


In my silence for almost 20 years, I understand when people under-estimate you, when they think you have it easy because of the happiness you choose to have, and how the wisdom of our pain is what makes us these strong creative leaders in our communities.


This program is for Latinas and allies who are ready to explore their spirituality on their terms, identify racism within our culture and heal the wellness within by redefining cultural wellness for ourselves.


Although I may have been buried by uncontrollable events, let me share how to strengthen the spiritual resolve necessary to not just withstand but to thrive in this world and express your soul’s joy, which is your birthright.