I inspire leaders to thrive.

My practice is grounded as a Certified Holistic Health coach, a Speaker Advocate of Lisa Nichols and Spiritual Wellness Coach. I help you breakthrough your plateaus, your fears of sharing your story and also the emotional labor involved in redefining your culture at your company or for your team.

Storytelling – Redefining Culture – Wellness

1) Storytelling Healing:
Growth occurs when we take personal inventory and acknowledge the stories and beliefs without judgment and learn to take the steps towards making different decisions. Here I share Lisa Nichol’s speaking techniques to up-level your storytelling skills and take you on your own cathartic journey.

2) Mindful Eating:
As a certified holistic health coach, my healing-focused approach promotes sound nutrition for mental and bodily strength and guides people to new and important discoveries. Creating a safe, judgment-free space where I share 5 phases of food and alkaline diets for sustainable lifestyle relationship with food.

3) Redefining Cultural Wellness:
Here is where we ground and embrace our old, current definitions of culture. Great for leaders and manager looking to make their culture more diverse, equitable and inclusive, while also centering their wellness and the wellness of Black, Indigenous and Communities of colors.

3) Spiritual Wellness Coaching:
Here is where we ground and embrace our emotions and the past lived experiences that may translate into our daily affairs. This journaling process reveals our emotional vulnerabilities and the stories around them. As you write your stories we begin to take your amazing biographies and transform your triggering moments to a place where we create space so you choose new responses and choose new actions.

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“Annabel teaches me how to focus, find balance, properly breathe, relax areas that are tense, and learn about my surroundings from a new perspective.”

— Patrick