Why I help Leaders Redefine Cultural Wellness

Engaging with leaders and seeing their growth is everything, but it took a lot to get here.

Some people ask why do I focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work and put a whole wellness spin on it?

My answer is simple. As a survivor of trauma, the spiritual awakening and the resilience that came from me listening to the sacred, gave me the strength to be a bridge in courageous ways I would have never imagined.

You see, a lot of DEI work really begins with reconciling our pasts, identifying cultural blindspots but it is also heart work. It is spiritual in nature, and no matter how many facts, or statistics someone shares, I do this work, because it really comes down to how much of ourselves are we willing to understand about our human behavior, so that we can actually identify the blocks that are keeping us invested in limiting beliefs that are causing harm.

Everything begins within our minds and our hearts. So I use a holistic approach and make sure the wellness includes: emotional, mental, physical and has a spiritual component.

One of my favorite workshops is my spiritual workshop, because I share the history of Christianity, Eastern methodologies like meditating and my journey of reclaiming my Native American roots. Why would I even go into this when most are arguing about religion?

Because I share how there is so much in common, universal truth and tease out our cultural differences. We usually are not arguing about the spiritual or universal stuff, we are arguing when we find ourselves limited by our own understanding. People argue, when they don’t see that their wisdom has been informed by one or two cultures, and then forget to be a bridge for each other.

My approach is holistic, and I use a lot of storytelling, to get to the point. During workshops and during coaching sessions, I provide multi-cultural perspectives, multi-religious perspectives and political history that makes a provocative intellectual well rounded discussion while also closing with everyone’s hearts in mind.

It will take courageous vulnerability, safe spaces and a desire to evolve as leaders to truly reconcile the residue of our past. Learning the old mindset that created it, so that we can grow and transform our culture at work, and redefine wellness for ourselves and for others will redefine cultural wellness for the collective.

To learn more, book a workshop inquiry call. I’d be happy to share more details with you tand create something custom either just for you or for your team.

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DEI Strategist and Certified Wellness Coach. Passionate to share ways for you to center your wellness, break limiting patterns and step step jump into your cultural blind spots to achieve your dreams.

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