Embrace Emotions

Identify – Practice – Evolve  

Our emotions are the most powerful thing on earth. How you feel tells you so much. It is the data that lets you know where you are in the spectrum of feelings.  Ever wonder why you feel connected to some people and not so much with others?

Emotions can persuade, helps us connect as people and it can be a difficult part of humanity to embrace.  It takes time to practice embracing your emotions, identifying why they are coming up and then evolve your observation of them, instead of just reacting. 

This past week, my daughters school was sending out details of how they would come back to school.  There were many reasons for me personally to not have them go, and there were many reasons to have them go.  There was a moment, where we thought school was starting today the 24th.

Of course I got it all wrong, and one of my daughters was about to get so angry with me because she had her heart set up on going, and I could see her face about to explode with anger. I looked in her eyes, and said I am so sorry and went towards her to give her a hug.  She cried in my arms.  All her anger just washed away.

I didn’t say anything, I just held her and caressed her head. There was nothing for me to say, because I can’t reassure her school will happen, she also already showed anger and speaking would have made her angry because I am thinking and doing, instead of just “being” with her.  I was silent and holding her so all her tears of disappointment, all her tears of looking forward to her classmates, and all her fears of the unexpected could come out.

Don’t we all need that? Don’t we all just want to be held, caressed and know someone is there for us? As a parent it is extremely difficult to manage being safe, and making sure your children have their emotional needs met daily and weekly.  We can’t do everything, and many times, it is up to us to help them get through. Whether it is walks, riding bikes, dancing, drawing, or just watching movies together.

I know it’s not easy. I remember when I was overwhelmed with grief, when I was fearful to leave my apartment, and when I was trying so hard to anticipate would happen next, just to find my emotions on fire because all I was doing was focusing on what I could not control.

We sometimes have a tendency to forget to embrace what we feel. It sometimes takes time and work to create the space within us first. I can speak as a parent, but you may be leading an organization or company. No matter what type of leader you are, we have a huge responsibility right now, and a few ways to contribute is for you to identify your emotions, practice self awareness by embracing them without judgement and choosing your response instead of reacting, it is how you can choose to evolve your healing. 

This is a global collective traumatic event, and the first step is to manage our shared trauma but then we have to take another step and focus on what we do have. What we do next makes all the difference to change our outcomes, our conditions and our reality. We must evolve. We must stay dedicated to what is in our control and visualize a whole new future that is bright, that stirs our soul and puts us in motion.

We are contributing to the collective healing on earth, so what is your vision for yourself? For your family or community? How will you contribute to the future of us all?

You matter so much, and so does your experience.

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