Cultural Blind Spots

Mindful Mondays

Communication is needed to identify cultural blind spots for 
the evolution of our healing  

I keep looking back, did an attempted coup d’etat really occur on Three Kings day last week?

As a September 11th survivor, our democracy being attacked, and the attack on the sanctity of life brought up so much for me. It was much more than the news of the day. It brought back many memories of how much pain and terror radicalism can cause whether domestic or foreign.

I had to take a lot of time to create space for myself, to pray, meditate, smudge, and sit in silence.  Many times a day, I found myself reconnecting to my energy, anchoring each emotion without judgement and watched the images play out in my mind, observing where I felt tight, where I was hot and feel my tears fall from my face.

We had a healing journal prompt workshop on Wednesday night, which allowed us to be, sit, and we all walked away renewed with healing prompt questions to practice self-awareness. 

My question for you is what came up for you? Were you allowed to feel? Do you have a place to share? Were you able to journal for your own processing? How will you manage your goals for 2021 and also move forward with a strong self-care plan? 

Our humanity, lies in our ability to meet ourselves and others emotionally. When we hit a plateau or block, it is usually because our wisdom is coming from one culture, from one paradigm and we are missing value statements and experiences from cultures other than our own.

So how can we move forward together and still meet the goals we have for this week and this quarter?

First, prayer for those who were hurt and killed.

Second, protect our voice, our vote and the democratic process.  This must be paramount for us all, so that we do not compromise our democratic ideals and values, especially while our men and women in service have died defending these principles.

Third, take new action. Invest in a coach for yourself or an advisor to help your organization build a multicultural understanding.  We must acknowledge and rebuke White supremacy because our democracy includes us all, and a racial hierarchy must be dismantled for true prosperity, justice and healing to occur. 

As a result of my classes and coaching, clients learn their limiting patterns, they take steps to practice self-awareness and because new meaning is placed in the mundane, they take new action. 

My approach is holistic, I help individual and organizations raise their baseline of understanding by:   

* Teaching you self-awareness tools, to support the emotional labor involved in evolving to your full potential

* Identify your cultural blind spots 

* Teach you the segregated history not taught in K-12 schools; and their impact on our current state of affairs.

As we step into the second week of 2021, I hope you all create space in your churches, work space, and volunteer banks this week and center the voices of Veterans, Refugees, Black, Indigenous and People of Color in that process. So we may share, so that our humanity is acknowledged and embraced.

Stephen Covey has a great quote that I feel is essential to true diversity, equity and inclusion. “Listen with an intent to understand. We listen to reply.” 

Make it a Magical Mindful Monday,

Published by annabelstepstepjump

DEI Strategist and Certified Wellness Coach. Passionate to share ways for you to center your wellness, break limiting patterns and step step jump into your cultural blind spots to achieve your dreams.