Wellness is Collective Healing

There are many things that bring a smile to our face. As we embark on this new year and think of all things we did, all the things we didn’t do and all the things we want to do, everyone’s conversation lately has been on how we are keeping happy.

Our emotional state is being discussed more and more, and I love discussions on how the intangible things in life is becoming a priority for us all.

About four years ago, I was transitioning from being a Domestic Goddess in partnership to being a single Domestic Goddess, being a “single mom” brought me many blessings and many challenges. I found myself really exhausted, working, finishing my master and raising my girls.

One morning while driving my daughters to school I see this Metro bus driver with a big hand written sign, “SMILE” with red letters. It brightened up my gloomy day and mood and I smiled at him and waved. He smiled back. Then I started asking the girls, “if you could ask for a miracle today what would it be?”

I had experienced such a big change in my emotional state and I was reminded how the magic, is the moment. Magic is what brings stirs the spirit within you and around you. This bus driver reminded me that I had a smile, that choosing to smile, made me happy and it changed my emotional state. Most importantly, I felt loved because he reminded me of its power.

I never have had the opportunity to thank this man for cheering me up. For reminding me who I can be at any moment. The power of our presence is the gift and each of us contribute to our collective healing.

Crisis’s are a part of life and beyond our control, but who we are during these times is contributing to our collective healing or our collective wound. It’s our daily choice.

I hope you hold on to your smiles, that you change your emotional state so it can empower you and everyone else around you.

Happy New Day, Happy New 2021

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DEI Strategist and Certified Wellness Coach. Passionate to share ways for you to center your wellness, break limiting patterns and step step jump into your cultural blind spots to achieve your dreams.

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